Dj Play

Johnny Ruiz better known as D.J PLAY was born in Choloma Cortes, second industrial city located at the North Coast of Honduras. He grows up there of the hand of his cousin Denis Ruiz person who played a great part on D.J Play’s love for the music. As a child D.J. Play used to watch his cousin’s work closely learning every move, inspiring him to become a Great D.J. D.J Play came to United States in 1989. He settled at Houston, Texas together with his mother and sisters. He could never for get the influenced of his cousin, so he decided to work hard for his dream. “I started to save money to buy used equipments until I got enough to make a lot of noise” (D.J Play). He made a big party celebrating his own birthday that year; becoming the D.J of the family for long time. Until he decided to make this a serious business, and began to work as a real D.J in private parties in 1997. D.J Play moved to Atlanta in 1998 working in private parties. He began to work in night clubs in 2003. He had work for the best night clubs of the city since then, animating the best parties of Atlanta. D.J Play a good man with a great personality, determination, and persistence hard work day by day to bring to you the best of the music to your ears. Siguelo en todas las redes sociales como @yosoyplay

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